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Piston Ring Global Ranking

Sep. 04, 2023

Piston Ring Global Ranking

The piston ring is one of the key components of the engine, and its quality directly affects the fuel consumption and output power of the engine.


The most well known piston ring manufacturers are brands such as Federalmogul, Riken, TPR, ATG, DY, etc.

Each company has its own characteristics and technological advantages to meet the needs of the global market.


The technology of piston rings was ranked among the world by Japan and Germany.

However, in recent years, China made piston rings has also caught up with the world top’s technology.


Taking Fujian Dongya Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example, it has internationally leading PVD, PCR, DTC coating technology, as well as the world's cutting-edge DLC (diamond like coating) technology, with price lower than market‘s average.

It’s an example of China made height Cost Performance product.

It is estimated 47.2% of China’s domestic vehicles use Dong Ya technology piston rings, and the products have been sold to more than 30 countries, including the United States, Japan, Italy, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, South America, Brazil, Africa, and so on.

Piston Ring Global Ranking

The quality of piston rings can be assessed by follow aspects:


Wear resistance - The most important data used to judge the quality of piston ring is its wear resistance. For example, comparing traditional chrome plating processes, DLC's wear resistance is 6 times more durable than chrome plating. Wear resistance is also a goal that various piston ring manufacturers continuously strive to improve in their technological research.


Mechanical strength – A good mechanical strength of piston rings, proves manufacturers’ quality control’s ability. If the quality control is not appropriate, will highly increase the chance of metal fatigue and hydrogen embrittlement.


Sealing - The well sealing of piston ring is related to the technical experience of manufacturer. It must ensure that the piston ring can work continuously for thousands of hours under constantly changing temperature and pressure without losing its elasticity. It does require decades of experience in engine and piston research, to be able to design the most suitable piston ring for various types of engines.


Price - For a good product, price is also an important factor to be considered. A height Cost Performance product, reflects the management ability of the piston ring manufacturer. The quality of management directly affects the stability of product quality and the guarantee of after-sales service.


Based on the above analysis, consumers can choose the most suitable piston ring for the car.


Piston Ring Global Ranking


Powered by strong technical development and continuous innovation ability, DY PISTON RING ranks among the leading brands.

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