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DY Piston Ring Material Introduction


steel ring materials

Dongya purchases a series of steel ring materials from well-known international companies, which can meet the design requirements of various structures and surface treatment piston ring. At the same time, in accordance with the ISO-6621-3:2000 standard, according to customer needs and engine performance, we independently develop various cast iron ring materials.

Piston rings are crucial components in internal combustion engines, responsible for sealing the combustion chamber, maintaining compression, and regulating oil consumption. Choosing the right material for piston rings is essential for optimal engine performance and longevity. Here's an introduction to some common piston ring materials:

Alloy Steel: Alloy steel piston rings are made by combining steel with other elements like chromium, molybdenum, or nickel to enhance specific properties such as wear resistance, hardness, and heat resistance.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel piston rings offer excellent corrosion resistance and are commonly used in applications where exposure to corrosive environments is a concern, such as marine engines.

Ceramic: Ceramic piston rings are made from materials like silicon nitride or silicon carbide. They offer superior wear resistance and thermal stability, making them ideal for high-performance and racing engines.

Coated Rings: Regardless of the base material, piston rings are often coated with materials like chromium, molybdenum, or nitride to further enhance their properties, such as reducing friction, improving wear resistance, and aiding in lubrication retention.

Piston Kit:The Piston Kit is a crucial component within an internal combustion engine, designed to facilitate the transfer of energy generated by the combustion process into mechanical motion. Comprising a piston, piston rings, wrist pin, and circlips, this assembly operates within the cylinder bore, moving up and down in response to the combustion forces. The piston's precise fit within the cylinder ensures efficient compression and combustion of the air-fuel mixture, while the rings provide a tight seal to prevent leakage of gases. The wrist pin connects the piston to the connecting rod, enabling the reciprocating motion to be transferred to the crankshaft. Overall, the Piston Kit plays a fundamental role in the performance and reliability of an engine, making it a vital component in automotive and other machinery applications.

Sealing parts:Sealing parts are essential components utilized in various engineering applications to prevent leakage or contamination of fluids, gases, or other substances. Seals are employed to prevent leakage along rotating shafts or moving components, ensuring efficient operation and longevity of machinery. Packing materials, such as braided rope or cord, are utilized in applications requiring sealing around reciprocating or oscillating shafts, valves, or pumps. Overall, sealing parts play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and functionality of various systems across industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to manufacturing and oil and gas.

When selecting piston ring materials, factors such as engine type, operating conditions, performance requirements, and cost must be considered to ensure optimal performance and durability. Additionally, advancements in material science continue to drive the development of new piston ring materials with improved properties and performance characteristics.

●Steel piston ring materials
Dongya markstensile strength
Hardness(HV)ISO Material category
Austenitic stainless steel DS40≥520200~350MC67
Martensitic stainless steel DS41≥1079400~450MC66
Martensitic stainless steel DS42≥1079360~400MC66
Martensitic stainless steel DS44≥1275410~460MC65
Martensitic stainless steel DS45≥1139370~420MC65
Carbon steel DS50≥1600510~580MC68
Spring steel DS52≥1570460~580MC64
Spring steel DS53≥1450500~550MC64
Spring steel DS53≥1600400~460MC68

 ●Cast iron piston ring materials
Dongya marksElastic Modulus Flexural Strength(Mpa)Hardness (HV30)ISO Material category
High alloy cast iron DH31100000~130000≥500320~440MC24
Alloy cast iron DH3395000~125000≥450240~330MC13
Carbon cast iron DH34130000~160000≥650365~450MC32
Carbon cast iron DH34A115000~150000≥800400~510MC25
Carbon cast iron DH34B115000~150000≥650365~470MC25
High alloy cast iron DH36100000~130000≥500390~500MC23
Alloy cast iron DH37100000~130000≥500290~410MC22
Ductile Iron DQ20145000~175000≥1300290~420MC53

Powered by strong technical development and continuous innovation ability, DY PISTON RING ranks among the leading brands.

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