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Custom Piston Rings Manufacturers

In-depth research on the motion dynamics, fluid dynamics, and gas flow of mechanisms such as piston rings, pistons, cylinder bodies, cranks, and connecting rods.

Able to collaborate with clients to develop new engine projects, and propose solutions for piston rings

Cooperate with customers to analyze and diagnose engine defect.

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AVL -Excite PR

CAE simulation software developed by the Austrian Liszt Group to simulate and calculate the working conditions of engines.

Module 1: Piston Dynamics (2 step motion, knocking)

Module 2: Piston Ring Dynamics, Oil Consumption


01Research centers


Technology Center: The company's technology center is responsible for the introduction, digestion and absorption of new technologies, new product research and development, evaluation and transformation of scientific research results, and product market research, formulating annual scientific research plans for market research, making plans for the use of scientific research funds, recruitment and selection of scientific research talents, and creating a team of talented people with strong innovation ability and excellent technology.

The technology center attaches great importance to the mining of new technologies and research and development of new products, and the results have been transformed significantly. In 2010, the company's technology center was identified as "Engineering Technology Research Center of Internal combustion engine piston Ring Enterprise in Fujian Province".

0240 patents

0316 Revision of national technical standards

04Won the third prize of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Award (Certificate No. : 2009-3-01-6) Fujian Provincial People's Government

Powered by strong technical development and continuous innovation ability, DY PISTON RING ranks among the leading brands.

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