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Company name: Fujian Dongya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Limited Liability Company (Sino-foreign joint venture)

Social credit code: 91350322611855294L

Legal representative: Lin Guikai

Contact us: 0594-8271501

Environmental Protection Contact: Huang Chunsheng (18050553985)

Add: No. 385 Yujing New Street, Licheng Street, Xianyou County, Putian City, Fujian Province

The main content of production, operation and management services: piston ring design and manufacture

Products and scale: piston ring annual production of 50 million cylinders


1. Waste water

Electroplating wastewater

Combined wastewater

2. Organized exhaust gas

Chromic acid fog

Hydrogen chloride

Particulate matter

Volatile organic compounds (oil mist)

Phosphoric acid fog

3. Unorganized exhaust gas

Particulate matter

Hydrogen chloride


1. Waste water

(1) Electroplating wastewater treatment station: 1 set

Design capacity: 75 tons/day

Actual wastewater treatment: 15 tons/day

(2) Comprehensive wastewater treatment station: 1 set

Sewage treatment capacity: 150 tons/day

Actual wastewater treatment: 90 tons/day

2. Exhaust gas

(1) chromic acid fog

Treatment facilities: Packing spray tower, 4 sets

Designed processing capacity: 768,000 m3/ day

Actual waste gas volume: 480,000 m3/ day

(3) Particulate matter

Processing facilities: pulse bag dust removal machine, 2 sets; Cyclone dust removal machine, 1 set

Design processing capacity: 864,000 m3/ day

Actual waste gas treatment: 432,000 m3/ day

(2)Hydrogen chloride

Treatment facilities: Packing spray tower, 2 sets

Designed processing capacity: 320,000 m3/ day

Actual waste gas treatment: 200,000 m3/ day

(4) Volatile organic compounds (oil mist)

Treatment Facilities: Venturi Spray tower, 1 set

Designed processing capacity: 240,000 m3/ day

Actual waste gas treatment: 240,000 m3/ day


All entrusted to Fujian Solid Waste Disposal Co., LTD.

1.HW08: Containing waste oil, oil residue, waste liquid pressure oil, waste heat transfer oil, etc., liquid/solid, with flammability. All produced by the maintenance of machinery and equipment, the annual planned production of 5.4 tons.

2.HW09: Waste emulsion, liquid, toxic. Waste liquid is dripped during cutting/grinding and the planned annual production is 1.2 tons.

3.HW17: sludge containing phosphating tank slag and its wastewater treatment; The sludge, solid and liquid, produced by the treatment of electroplating waste liquid, electroplating tank slag and its wastewater, is corrosive and toxic. Produced by phosphating process and electroplating process, the annual planned production is 39 tons.

4.HW34: Waste liquid produced by pickling process, liquid, corrosive, annual planned production of 3 tons.

5.HW35: The tank slag produced by the oxidation process is solid and corrosive, with an annual planned production of 2 tons.

HW49: Containing waste packaging, adsorption media, etc., solid, toxic, annual planned production of 8.5 tons.


1. Environmental impact assessment report

Approval document: PU Environmental Protection Bureau [2009] No. 56; Date: 9 June 2009

Approval document: PU Environmental Protection Bureau [2011] No. 47; Date: 26 September 2011

Approval document: June 9, 2009; Date: 26 September 2011

2. Pollutant discharge permit

Number: 91350322611855294L002R

Period: 2021.08.06-2026.08.05

Emergency plan for environmental emergencies

Code: 2020 Edition (revised)

Implementation date: October 16, 2020

Self-testing information

Detection items: Chromium, total mercury, total cadmium, total lead, total nickel, total silver

Testing equipment: water quality automatic online monitor, 6 sets

Detection frequency: 1 time/month

Commissioned detection information

Testing unit: Fujian Puyang Testing Co., LTD

Test items:

1. Production wastewater: integrated wastewater discharge outlet, once/quarter

Items: Suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, petroleum, fluoride, total cyanide, total zinc, total iron, total copper, total aluminum

2. Organized exhaust gas: once/half a year

Project: Chromic acid fog, hydrogen chloride

3. Unorganized exhaust gas: 1 time/year

Item: Particulate matter, hydrogen chloride

4. Factory boundary noise: once/year

On-line monitoring information

1. Electroplating wastewater treatment station

A. Total chromium water quality automatic online monitor; PhotoTek6000; A set

B. Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter; WL-1A1; A set

2. Comprehensive wastewater treatment station

A. Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter; WL-1A1; A set

B. P water quality automatic online monitor; Eg. A set

C. Total phosphorus water quality automatic online monitor; PhotoTek6000; One.

Emission Permit

Wastewater treatment station

Wastewater monitoring facilities

Wastewater monitoring facilities

Exhaust gas treatment facilities

Exhaust gas monitoring facilities

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