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Year 2021 Recognized as "Hi-tech Enterprise"


  • Year 2022 Awarded the "National Little giants enterprise" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
  • Year 2010, Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology awarded the "First Batch of Excellent Enterprises in Fujian Province to Implement Technical Standards Station Strategy Pilot"
  • Year 2010, Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the "DY Trademark" as a famous trademark in Fujian Province
  • Year 2008, DY brand piston ring is recognized as a "well-known trademark in China" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • Year 2009, four departments including the Department of Science and Technology of Fujian Province jointly awarded the first batch of "Innovative Enterprises in Fujian Province"
  • Year 2009 Awarded "High-Tech Enterprise" certification
  • Year 2010, The Government of Fujian Province has awarded "DY Brand Piston Ring" as a famous brand product in Fujian

Powered by strong technical development and continuous innovation ability, DY PISTON RING ranks among the leading brands.

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